Due Diligence

ActiveConsulting helps people and companies understand the nature of their target, the risk to endeavor a business relationship, and how (or whether) a partnership fits into your particular core business. With our international thrutsful network, we can help you to choose the right partner and evaluate your competitors.

July 2014: Switzerland - China Free Trade Agreement

How can I check a chinese company ?

Are you familiar with the provisions in the Switzerland - China Free Trade Agreement so that your Business can benefit from its advantages ? Are you aware of the new Taxations Agreement in between China and Switzerland, reducing your dividends and royalties income ?

We can help you gathering information on your future business partners & competitors in Switzerland and China.

We actually work  for a couple of years with legal & business graded partners in China and Switzerland who analyse and document accurate and detailed information on companies headquartered in China and Switzerland. The data is locally sourced by our skilled Chinese and Swiss researchers, then edited and assessed by our senior management.

China and Switzerland Free Trade Agreement

Are you:

  • Looking for new Chinese buyers of your locally manufactured or transformed products ?
  • Sourcing manufacturing capacity in China for your products ?
  • Seeking to sell to Swiss customers your products produced in China?
  • Interested in investing into a Chinese Company or a Swiss Business ?
  • Looking for a proofed Chinese business partnership ?
  • How can I get legal and business information about Chinese or Swiss companies ?
  • How can I audit and receive a trade report related to Swiss and Chinese companies ?
  • Are you sure about the solvency of any Chinese Company ?

You can download these examples of Reports answering above inquiries regarding Chinese Companies. These are the kind of trade reports we can provide you within 4 Business days to help you making the right decision regarding your Chinese or Swiss future partners or competitors:

Order now your Chinese trade report for CHF 290.-