Life Extension Project

life extension research pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals

The Life Extension Project is the extension of a life project.

How to live better and longer ? What is the secret of centenarian people  and what can I do to tend towards transhumanism ? These are the questions about to answered by our project. 

It has as purpose to  develop  innovative nutraceutical & pharmaceutical solutions for age-related disorders prevention and treatment towards genuine Life extension

It was officially initiated through the PHD thesis of Dr. I. de Weber that he obtained from the University of Geneva in 2004, at the age of 25. The work redefining the aging process as well as strategies to drastically extend lifespan, hence prevent and even treat age-related disorders has been pushed further and now reaches a stage where recent technological breakthrough enable applications to catch up with theory; this stage is today.

The project consists of a production of nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and, in fine, pharmaceuticals activating the expression of key genes involved in the aging process, hence triggering pathways linked to longevity, such as caloric restriction, DNA repair, antioxidant activity, and stem cells regeneration. 

 towards transhumanism...