Business Consulting

Business and Technology aligned

What keeps you awake at night ?

The opportunities and the challenges you face every day offer plenty of stimulants.

Are you ready for a change ?

ActiveConsulting offers answers to the questions many executives are asking today:

How can we focus more energy on our core areas of competence and let someone else provide the other service necessary to flourish ? Who can we rely on to approach our business with creativity and commitment to immediate and long-term results ?

Continually transforming your business is a key to survival in a world that is changing in Internet time. As an unique multidisciplinary team of experts, ActiveConsulting can help you accomplish all of this and more.  

As for our current clients ranging from start-ups to S&MB and multinational corporations, let us show you how today how we can help you.

We serve our clients by advising and coaching on strategy, technology and change management.
Using our unique innovative thinking and our extensive experience, we will help improve your company's performance and transform it for the future.
We are independent from all technology solution or integration service providers. This gives us a unique position to recommend the most innovative, cost effective and workable solution, without conflicts of interest. Our expertise is your expertise. We work closely with our clients. We involve the stakeholders in order to build consensus, establish ownership for the outcome and the transfer of knowledge.
We have a proven track record in offering innovative, creative solutions and are prepared to share risks.

  • We are unconventional
  • We believe in quality
  • We are independent
  • We are committed to transfer know-how to you

We consider ourselves your partner, there to help you overcome complex challenges.

Together we make it happen