Digital Strategy

Commodore and Amiga Scene

We are on the technology scene for quite a long time yet...  

At a time when 64KB were enough to create something ... while listening to 2600hz/2400Hz frequencies tones

Trust we are still passionate and we know what is  a  quality of code...

We prefer to delivering top notch code than asking our customers to add CPU & RAM to their running servers.

We have also business, financial, operation roots within multi industries environments. Thus, we can develop solutions genuinely business oriented to your process and KPIs.

Accordingly, we work with genuine experts with the right technology enabling your particular needs. We focus on technologies allowing development of sur mesure business solutions software.

Below are the technologies (subject to change) we recommend nowadays, feel free to ask us why !


NEOS, a real WYSIWYPublish CMS !


A valuable CMS for a vitrine website !


Ready for complex database integrations


eCommerce software


Microsoft environment collaborative tool


Swiss social collaborative platform !

Focus on your core Business, we align Digital

Choose the Right CMS for your organization

Make sure your Digital solution conveys your value propositions and differentiates you from your competitors.

We can help, we are Digital but also Business within multi industries rooted.

Gain an outside-in perspective from your customers. Know that the technical architecture behind the solution is sound and that it integrates fully with your other enterprise systems.

Our design team benchmarks your existing site and produces a detailed framework that will result in new levels of performance.

Launch your new Digital solution quickly. Be confident that it is right the first time. Our implementation services cover all the bases – from construction, testing and deployment to integration and risk management.

Focus on your core business. Let us help manage the evolution and change that must characterize your Digital presence. From simple Web hosting to full applications management, we take operations to a whole new level on your behalf.