We are effective venture developers for innovative solutions in business and technology

ActiveConsulting International is a Swiss headquartered Advisory Task Force for local and worldwide companies looking for passionate, independent, multi-functional experimented & active Advisory Partners. 

Our aim is to provide all our stakeholders with the very best insight as they struggle to meet that need, regardless of whether they are investors, management teams, boards, entrepreneurs, NGOs, communities. Thus, we provide original, out-of-the-box solutions that truly differentiate your value proposition and the way you do business.  ActiveConsulting helps to transform their organizations to thrive and maintain relevance in a rapidly changing world.

We were BIG4 rooted and we can deliver an integrated Consulting value proposition such as: 


Business Advisory

We engage in your business, your people.

We combine industry expertise, consulting knowledge and pragmatism.

Using our unique innovative multi-disciplinary thinking and our extensive experience, we improve your company's performance and transform it for the future.

Entrepreneurial approach with reward on success  & ready to share risks !

Digital Transformation and Advisory

Digital Advisory

Technology is the best amplifier of a Business.

Thus, we enhance your Business' DNA through your Value Chain Digital Transformation: 

  • enhanced connectivity 
  • automation of manual tasks 
  • improved decision making 
  • product or service innovation


Startup Investment Venture Project and capital risk

Business Angels

We help founders and management teams with ideas assuming that anything is possible with passion.

We share the sense of confidence and apprehension felt by every  entrepreneur.

We truly love startups, we look at least for the golden wedding anniversary... not for a one night stand....


China Switzerland free trade agreement audit companies

Trade Advisory

We  can deliver the information you are looking for about your overseas partners & competitors .

We help on legal, economic and technology due diligence.

Information is gathered on time of your request, we do not store obsolete information in our databases.

Scope: Switzerland & China but also Poland, Israel & Thailand.

Think straight, talk straight